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Our vast experience is one of the strengths you can count on! In more than 40 years of activity, many of the best national and international brands have chosen us for the success of their promotions! Thanks to a warehouse with over 20,000 available references and the direct production of objects to design, companies always find the ideal solution.


About us


For the creation of their own promotional line, whether it be clothing, uniforms for company employees, items customized with their own logo, companies in the Italian market turn to trusted promotional companies.

Who is MrBrando?

MrBrando is the e-commerce site for the online sale of promotional items. MrBrando is an initiative of Vipitalia srl, a historic promotional company in Milan, a reference point for the direct sale of personalized promotional products in the Italian and European market for over 40 years. MrBrando will help you in your promotional choices and will be at your side if you need pre-sales support or after-sales help.

What products does MrBrando handle?

MrBrando distributes neutral or customized products, products made ad hoc on project and studies with the most demanding customer specific promotional lines that vary from the product made on a project, to the hat, to the pen, to the shopper, to the umbrellas, to the technological items such as power bank and speaker, to objects made with eco-sustainable materials, as well as thousands of nice gadgets, many promotional items to allow companies to be remembered.

Who are MrBrando's customers?

For 40 years Vipitalia has supported the promotional projects of large and medium-sized Italian and European companies, MrBrando was born with a view to opening the product showcase also to micro and small companies, to non-profit organizations, associations and also to a private public who needs to buy customized products at affordable prices with a personalization service that is often dedicated only to large companies. The opening of MrBrando aims to make personalized niche promotional products available to a wider audience and also allow small businesses to carry out their own promotional project and write their own beautiful promotional story.

Why is MrBrando special?

MrBrando is special because it can create special projects for you. It is not necessary to choose a gadget on the market, the article for its customers can also be created ad hoc on the basis of an idea, a drawing or a project. MrBrando, assisted by its parent company, designs and produces very special promotional items such as customized motorcycle helmets made for the automotive sector, or racing chairs and sofas made with company colors and logos and slogans. These objects are highly requested by large car manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and by those who need to furnish the points of sale of their retailers with a personalized promotional furniture line.
Another flagship in the special projects of MrBrando and Vipitalia are the shoppers. The shoppers can be declined in different subgroups according to their use, we have the cabas, a term used by the French of the Carrefour group to identify the shopping bag, to be clear the Esselunga bag which can be both in TNT and in laminated PP. shiny, the YELLOW one! Then we produce shopping bags, cooler bags, cooler bags, shopping bags. We have directly followed many shopper projects both for the Adeo group, for Bricoman, Leroy Merlin, for Decathlon, shoppers produced directly in our partner factories in Vietnam and China. If you are curious, read the Decathlon and Bricoman bags below and you will find our references, we are a direct supplier for the production of glossy or matt laminated PP shoppers for large-scale distribution and for various supermarkets. Our bags on customer request can be CSI certified. The Decathlon shopper was made with 100% post-consumer recycled material and certified by CSI. The shopping bags can be made in any size and material suitable for the specific use, such as polypropylene, TNT (non woven) or pet (recycled plastic from plastic bottles), or in nylon, an excellent fabric for bags backpack or polyester, a material that can be available in different finishes, colors and thicknesses. Any special promotional idea can be realized, just contact us.

Why choose MrBrando?

MrBrando, as well as its parent company Vipitalia, accompanies customers step by step in their promotional path through the new and ever-changing market scenarios.
The speed of company response and the ability to adapt to changes are a great strength of Mrbrando, its integrated approach starts from a careful analysis of the customer's customer needs and ends with a precise reactive and fast operational phase for commissioning production and distribution of the chosen product. This is the reason why so many companies have chosen Mrbrando and before that Vipitalia as their reference promotional company. Pre-sales consultancy is offered promptly and free of charge, the development of ideas and graphic drafts are the basis of our philosophy. After 40 years of supporting dynamic realities with specific needs, we have developed high consultancy skills that help customers in defining their promotional campaign through the object. Every day we work with the Marketing & Communication Managers (Marcom), with the Purchasing Offices (UA), with the Managers of Human Resources (HR) to unravel any doubts and offer turnkey promotional solutions that 100% meet the needs of customers. If you have an important project MrBrando is your solution! In our online site MrBrando there are more than 3000 references and 20,000 items that can be customized with your logo, there are different printing possibilities (transfer, screen printing, engraving, pad printing) and it is also possible to customize the product packaging. the direct delivery service is offered to the customer.

You customer, do you want to successfully write your beautiful promotional story?
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